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Hollywood Kush (I)
Strain Description
These pastel-green buds are completely encrusted by light-brown trichomes, with a few orange-red hairs poking around. They offer a fundamentally floral bouquet, offering notes of soft baby powder.
Medicinal Use
Hollywood Kush is an effective, natural alternative for: anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics, bipolar agents, and migraine preparations; it may also combat the progress of Tourette's Syndrome (TS) and Alzheimer's Disease (AD), while acting as a creative catalyst for the mind.
Hollywood Kush relieves tensions when first delivered; it clears the mind of stress and anxiety, and resonates with calm and tranquility. This is an excellent anti-inflammatory that is especially effective when administered in a balm or lotion.
Unknown x Unknown
kush, creme, red, floral, baby, powder, light, brown, hollywood, sparse, bipolar, migraine, AD,tourette
Strain Picture

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