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Purple Grapefruit (I)
Strain Description
These astonishing nuggets are a gorgeous mosaic of violet, magenta and olive green, snow-flake trichomes, and bright tangelo-toned pistils. They smell of fresh-cut grapefruit, purple bubblegum, and lavender.
Medicinal Use
Purple Grapefruit is an effective, natural alternative for treating: Migraine, anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, loss of appetite, arthritis, inflammation and clinical aggression; it may also function as a sleep remedy.
The patient is going to feel a waft of purpley goodness that offers a mental paradise of immense tranquility. This strain is an exquisite nighttime selection.
Unknown x Unknown
purple, grapefruit, indica, violet, magenta, olive green, snow, tangelo, bubble gum, lavender, pain, appetite, migraine, nausea, sleep
Strain Picture

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